America Is Now Facing Its Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since 1850

Former House Republican Newt Gingrich declared on Monday that the United States is on the verge of collapse, overwhelmed by politically-motivated criminal indictments against former President Trump, while he surges ahead of Joe Biden in the polls.

“I think we are drifting towards the greatest constitutional crisis since the 1850s and the rise of secession and the Civil War. I don’t mean that as hyperbole,” said Gingrich. “So what you’re seeing across the country is a desperate, last-ditch effort by a corrupt machine to destroy their most dangerous opponent in a way which not only breaks the Constitution, destroys the rule of law, and establishes a moment of bitterness which I think will last for a generation or more. This is going to be a horrendous period, and we just need to understand: the people who want to control America and dictate to the rest of us will break any law, lie about any topic, and manipulate the system any way they can.”

The former Republican leader also mentioned that Biden has gained knowledge from observing Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, who have earned significant amounts of money. Republicans in Congress claim that President Biden has engaged in business dealings with his son Hunter Biden, resulting in him accumulating wealth. The House Oversight Committee conducted an investigation and found more than 170 bank documents connecting members of the Biden family to a network of shell companies. These companies received millions of dollars from foreign businesses associated with individuals currently under investigation by local authorities.

President Trump, Gingrich added, is “a true outsider willing to take on the entire system” who “could destroy their entire machine.”

The Biden Justice Department has indicted President Trump four times. Democrats in Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia have issued separate criminal indictments. According to the president’s allies, these indictments are strategically timed to potentially impact his chances in next year’s election against the incumbent Democratic president.

Despite the onslaught, President Trump has surpassed Biden in head-to-head polls and maintained a significant polling advantage over his rivals for the GOP primary. Supporters are rallying behind him, rejecting charges they perceive as politically motivated.

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