Arizona GOP Files BOMBSHELL Lawsuit After Discovering Over 500,000 ILLEGAL Voters on State’s Voter Rolls

The Arizona GOP has filed a bombshell lawsuit against Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, alleging an alarming number of illegal voters on the state’s rolls. The accusation? Anywhere from 500,000 to a staggering 1.3 million illegitimate registrations. This development is nothing short of electrifying in the ongoing battle for election integrity.

The Arizona Republican Party isn’t pulling any punches. They’ve taken their battle to the U.S. District Court, pointing a finger squarely at Fontes for allegedly failing to maintain accurate voter registration lists as mandated by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). The stakes couldn’t be higher, with the lawsuit highlighting that several counties show more registered voters than eligible citizens. If true, this is a bombshell revelation that suggests systemic negligence or worse—a deliberate oversight.

How did we get here? According to the complaint, the problem stems from bloated voter rolls packed with deceased individuals and people who have moved away. It’s a scenario ripped straight from a political thriller, where outdated data combined with universal mail-in ballots could potentially open the floodgates for fraud. As the lawsuit emphasizes, this isn’t just a clerical error—it’s a smoking gun that shows the system is in desperate need of an overhaul.

Scot Mussi, President of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, hasn’t minced words. “Election integrity is a serious issue in our nation,” he stated, underscoring the importance of clean voter rolls. The lawsuit was filed following a pre-litigation notice sent last August, demanding action. But as Mussi pointed out, many Arizona counties still have voter registration rates that defy logic, far exceeding both national and state averages.

Joining Mussi in this legal crusade are Gina Swoboda, Chair of the Republican Party of Arizona, and Steven Gaynor. Their argument is straightforward: Secretary Fontes has neglected his duty to remove ineligible voters from the rolls. The data is damning—several counties, including Apache, La Paz, Navajo, and Santa Cruz, reportedly have more registered voters than actual eligible citizens.

The lawsuit demands that the court compel Secretary Fontes to comply with the NVRA and clean up the voter rolls, ensuring only eligible voters can cast their ballots. This case could set a precedent, shining a spotlight on voter registration practices nationwide.

This isn’t just another lawsuit—it’s a clarion call for transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The implications are enormous, potentially reshaping how voter registration is managed across the country. As we head towards another election cycle, all eyes will be on Arizona, watching how this unfolds.

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