Newest Trans Trend is a Slap in the Face to Every Handicapped Person

Many of the ideas of liberal leftists seem odd to common-sense Americans. There are all sorts of bizarre notions that progressive Democrats have. The wave of weirdness seems to have gained steam over the last decade. Now, liberals believe someone can say they’re of a particular sex just because they think so.

Certainly, logic tells us otherwise. However, that hasn’t stopped the lefties from proclaiming they’re boys when they’re girls or vice versa. At some point, progressive liberals will insist that they can be a dog, maybe a cat, or, God forbid, an orangutan. To date, perhaps the biggest oddity promoted by the left is transgender ideology.

Believing that we can alter the biological sex we’re born with seems a bit narcissistic. Feeling compelled to change the sex a Higher Power assigns to us is akin to believing we are that Higher Power. Thinking we can change biology is, in itself, a sort of special God complex. But despite the strange insistence that they control biology, leftists have a new idea.

However, unlike the individual assignment of preferred gender, this one places a person in line for a different kind of undeserved sympathy. Anyone with an ounce of integrity has compassion for a handicapped person. To assert that we suffer from a debilitating disability, when we do not, is both immoral and a slap in the face to those who do.

Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping the radical lefties making from their latest proclamation. The controversial idea is called “transableism.” Transableism refers to the desire to attain disability status through personal choice rather than a life-altering event. It is an updated version of “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” (“BIID”). It’s designed to align with transgender theory.

This radical belief insists that someone should be treated as handicapped just because they say they are. What could possibly be wrong with that? Rightfully, our nation’s laws insist on various accommodations for the physically challenged. Does this mean that just because we “say” we’re crippled, we deserve the same courteous extensions as those who truly are?

Evolution News and Science Today says, “The point of changing the identifier from a psychiatric condition (BIID) to an advocacy term (transableism) is to harness the stunning cultural power of gender ideology to the cause of allowing doctors to treat BIID patients by amputating healthy limbs, snipping spinal cords, or destroying eyesight.”

Just like someone who proclaims they aren’t the gender everyone knows they are, this is a cry for help. People who cannot accept reality suffer from some degree of mental illness. Many have grave emotional issues. However, to think that you’re handicapped when you’re not is more than just a sick emotional concern. Transableism is a slap in the face to every truly handicapped person alive.

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